Star Wars Pod Racer

Game Description

One of the top selling Sci-Fi racers of all time. Star Wars Pod Racer is based on the pod racing tournament from Star Wars 1 Phantom Menace. You must take on other galactic challengers in an intense competition of speed and control. The controls on the game are replicas of the same controls found in the movie. In order to steer, you must pull and push on a pair of levers that control your jet engines. Pull back to far and you go careening out of control. Too little and you'll be smashing into the dirt. The game is linkable, so that you and another player can take each other on in the same race. Because we want to keep the games together, this title is only rented as a pair and counts as a 2 at a time rental.

Game Details

Manufacturer: Sega

Year: 2000

Genre: Racing

Number of Players: 2

Cabinet Style: Sitdown