Game Description

When Williams first released NARC, they literally brought out the heavy guns. Created by the legendary programmer, Eugene Jarvis and with a soundtrack scored by none other than the Pixies, the game was light years ahead of the competition. It was the first to use 32 bit processing power and incorporated a medium resolution monitor that provided an incredible amount of detail for games of it's era. Immediately, the game became a lightning rod for controversy. In the game, you must kill or arrest drug addicts and drug dealers. Using guns, cars or rocket launchers, you're encouraged to use an incredible show of force. The game is ultra violent and goes over the top whenever it can. The rereleased version in 2005 was ultimately banned by Australia and led to calls in the US for video games to be censored. While there would be more violent games that followed in it's wake, even by today's standards, it still gives Grand Theft Auto a run for it's money.

Game Details

Manufacturer: Williams

Year: 1988

Genre: Adventure

Number of Players: 2

Cabinet Style: Upright