Chase HQ

Game Description

Like many of the racing games before it, Chase HQ replicates the white knuckle experience of getting behind a sports car at insane MPH. Unlike other games of it's time, ChaseHQ added an extra layer to their game by having you not only catch up to the bad guys, but you have to get them to pullover as well. This makes the game part chasing, part attacking and pure adrenaline. Ultimately, the game would go on to inspire 2 spinoffs and 3 sequels. One of the neat things about the game, is that the marque will flash blue and red lights when you play it, so it feels like you're behind the wheel of a police car. Fans of the hit show Miami Vice will feel right at home with the palm trees and 80s theme that goes along with the game.

Game Details

Manufacturer: Taito

Year: 1987

Genre: Racing

Number of Players: 1

Cabinet Style: Upright