Nastar Warriors

Game Description

Released as Rastan 2 in Europe and titled as Nastar Warriors in North America, this game was the official sequel to the 1987 hack and slash game, Rastan. In the game you must take control a fierce barbarian as he fights his way through level after level of skeletons, wizards and giant oversized snakes. Along the way, you can collect power ups and energy to help make your way through the game. At the end of each level, you'll need to take on a boss in order to continue advancing in the game. Released exclusively in kit format, there are only 15 known copies of the game registered with the Vintage Arcade Preservation Society. While not necessarily a collectible, it is considered a rare game and one that slash and hack fans should demo, if you ever get the chance to play the game.

Game Details

Manufacturer: Taito

Year: 1988

Genre: Hack and Slash Platform

Number of Players: 2

Cabinet Style: Upright