Nearby Games

1943: The Battle of Midway

Step back in time to World War II in this classic jet fighter game. Play on your own or recruit a partner to help as you dogfight your way over the Pacific Ocean. Take on enemy fighters and hostile battleships as you try to sink the Japanese fleet and take control over the Midway Atoll. The game would have been a smash hit on it's own, but received a big boost by being the sequel to the hit game, 1942.

Area 51 / Maximum Force Duo

Two games in one arcade cabinet! In Area 51, you must take on infected human zombies, menacing aliens and one huge mothership armed only with a light gun. In Maximum Force your goal is to target a ruthless terrorist cell that seems to have an endless supply of henchmen.


Arkanoid was a mid 80's title that drew it's inspiration from Pong. Incredibly simple in concept, impossible to master. You must bounce an energy ball off of your ship and clear different levels of blocks. Each time your ball hits a block it disappears. Collect power ups to slow down, speed up or even add laser cannons to your ship. Watch out for the ones that speed things up or else you'll be juggling to keep things active. The game was so popular it would go on to inspire 5 more sequels!


Incredibly simple in concept, impossible to master. You must bounce an energy ball off of your ship and unblock a series of mazes. Collect power ups to slow down, speed up or even add laser cannons to your ship. The game was so popular it would go on to inspire 5 more sequels.


The original space mining game! Incredibly simple in concept, impossible to master. Use your thrust, hyperspace and laser cannons to navigate an impossible asteroid belt. As if dodging shards of space debris isn't bad enough, you must also fend off enemy aliens that are bent on your destruction. An all time classic, one of the most popular games ever made.


The original space mining game! Incredibly simple in concept, impossible to master. Use your thrust, hyperspace and laser cannons to navigate an impossible asteroid belt. As if dodging shards of space debris isn't bad enough, you must also fend off enemy aliens that are bent on your destruction. An all time classic, one of the most popular games ever made.

Bad Dudes

President Ronnie has been kidnapped and it's up to you to save him. Take control over characters Blade or Striker and battle your way through stealthy ninjas, killer mob bosses and vicious guard dogs in this side scrolling beat em up thriller. If you beat the game, you get to have burgers with the president. Are you a bad enough dude to handle it?


Have you ever had the dream where you're being chased by indestructible robots and no matter how fast you run, they always seem to find you? Well welcome to your worst nightmare. In Berzerk, you must navigate your way through endless mazes while picking off robots with your laser gun. Throughout the game, you'll be chased by Evil Otto. He may seem slow at first, but as you eliminate his robot friends, he get more worked up than a Roomba modded to run on a golf cart battery. At the time, the game was notable for it's use of human speech. At $1,000 per word, Stern gave it a vocabulary of 30 words.

Big Buck Hunter: Shooter's Challenge

Time to get your redneck on. What's better than killing senseless animals with guns? Doing it while drinking beer. Enjoy the hunt for deer, turkeys and anything else that moves without having to worry about accidentally shooting yourself in the process.

Bloody Wolf

The President has been captured and it's up to Snake and Eagle to save him. Play alone or with a fellow commando as you fight, shoot and knife your way through this run and gun special forces thriller. Take on a series of bosses with each level ass you burrow further and further behind enemy lines. Rescue hostages along the way and make sure to collect special weapons that you can use to clear each level.

Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom

Considered the grandfather of the hit console game Star Fox, Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom is a 3 dimensional racer where you must dodge alien ships while using your laser guns to shoot your way through a dangerous obstacle course. Use your boosters to speed up or your reverse jets to brake, but you better time it right or else you'll be space dust.

Buggy Challenge

Race your way across the desert in your very own dune buggy. Shift from low to high gear as you gain speed, but watch out for rocks and other obstacles along the way. With enough skill you should be able to make it though all four races without running out of gas.

Capcom Vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000

Capcom Vs. SNK is a tournament fighting game where you must battle it out against your opponents. It features a 4 button array and heavily utilizes combos. Each character is given a strength rating of 1 - 4. You can select as many fighters as you want, but can't go over 4 for your combined total points. You get to keep fighting as your first character until you lose and your next character gets subbed in. The game features a huge number of players and fighting arenas.

Captain America and The Avengers

America needs your help! The evil Red Skull has launched a plan to take over the earth and it's up to Captain America and the Avengers to stop him. Take control of Iron Man, Ice Man, Hawkeye or Captain America himself in this awesome side scrolling brawler. The game supports 4 players at the same time or you can choose to go it alone. With a cabinet that comes in at 29" wide, this is one of the largest games from its era. If you are up for the challenge, make sure to double check your doorway or entryway measurements to make sure this one will fit.


Confront your fear of killer clowns in this gruesome shooter that was put out in the late 90's by Midway. In the game, you can choose from several shooting galleries while you hone you clown hunting skills. It's highly collectible among the horror arcade crowd. Part Nightmare before Christmas/Part Stephen King's IT, the game offers an amazing experience, even if the ride ends up being a bit short.

Carrier Airwing

Take to the skies to defend freedom and honor from rogue terrorist states. Collect various weapons, shields and power ups along the way in this airplane shooter.

Centipede (Cabaret Version)

Blast your way through a mushroom field filled with creepy crawlies. Earn bonuses by taking out spiders and other pests along the way. One of the all time classics from the 1980's. The game uses a trackball to control your player.

Centipede (Cocktail Version)

One of the all time classics! In Centipede you play a lowly humanoid who must fend off oversized garden pests. Use your laser beams to turn the Centipedes into mushrooms while dodging spiders and other creepy creatures.

Championship Bowling

4 players can challenge each other to 10 frames of intense competition in this bowling simulator. Use the game's trackball to aim your ball and then spin away as you try and score strike after strike. It's just like visiting your local bowling alley except you don't have to wear funky smelling shoes.

Chase HQ

Like many of the racing games before it, Chase HQ replicates the white knuckle experience of getting behind a sports car at insane MPH. Unlike other games of it's time, ChaseHQ added an extra layer to their game by having you not only catch up to the bad guys, but you have to get them to pullover as well. This makes the game part chasing, part attacking and pure adrenaline. Ultimately, the game would go on to inspire 2 spinoffs and 3 sequels. One of the neat things about the game, is that the marque will flash blue and red lights when you play it, so it feels like you're behind the wheel of a police car. Fans of the hit show Miami Vice will feel right at home with the palm trees and 80s theme that goes along with the game.

Cosmic Avenger

Cosmic Avengers was the very first scrolling shooter to be made. Before it came out, all games where programmed for a fixed screen. By allowing the screen to scroll, Universal was able to create another planet for you to explore. Use your lasers to zap ufos or bomb away at the alien planet while dodging incoming fire. Explore deep caverns and deep space as you try to stay alive.

Cruis'n USA

Take a ride through the streets of San Francisco to Washington DC in one of the most popular sit down racers of all time. Choose from a variety of cars, each with their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Featuring both automatic and manual transmissions depending on your preference. Win all of the races and you get to join the President in a Hot Tub.

Cruis'n World

Cruis'n World was the sequel to the smash hit Cruis'n USA. In the game you can choose to race on courses from Florida to Germany. If you complete stunt jumps during a race, you'll receive extra time. The game features a wide range of vehicles and allows you to drive on automatic or you can take advantage of the stick shift and go with manual mode. It features force feedback in the steering wheel, so it really feels like you're driving.

Cruisin' Exotica

Take a ride to the far corners of the Earth (and beyond) in this thrilling installment of the Cruisin' franchise. Whether you're wanting to race through the Amazon or take on angry dinosaurs, this sit down racer will put you in the heart of the action. Featuring multiple cars to choose from and the ability to drive a manual or automatic, the game offers something for all skill levels.

Cyberball 2072

Set in the distant future of 2072, this football title exists in a world where the players have been replaced by robots. The good news is that there are no longer concerns about devastating hits causing life threatening concussions, but changes to the rules have not been kind to the robots. Instead of playing the game with a traditional football, you must handle a live bomb that grows increasingly more unstable, the longer you have possession of it. The only thing that can reset it is to cross the 50 yard line or score a touchdown. Players can upgrade their robots with money from the team, but don't be the last one holding onto the ball when it explodes or else your robot will be turn into a pile of nuts and bolts.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

You don't need to go out to the clubs on Saturday night, if you have a DDR. Choose from a wide selection of music and then try to master your fancy footwork by timing them to the arrows in the game. Not only is the game a blast, but it's great exercise!

Deer Hunting USA

Do you miss the thrill of big buck hunting in the national forest? If so Deer Hunting USA is a great alternative for when the season is closed. Choose from a wide variety of national parks to test your skill. Once each level starts, you only have a moment to take down a trophy kill. Make sure to stick to the bucks and to get off a clean shot or else it will hurt your scorecard at the end.


One of the most successful games from the golden age of gaming. Defender was unique at the time because the game play allowed you to go beyond the edge of the screen. They had essentially managed to squeeze in three screens worth of play on a single monitor. Considered one of the hardest arcade games to master, it featured more buttons than the other classics that were made during the same era. In the game, you must take to the skies to defender the earth from an alien invasion. Lock onto the enemy aircraft before they snatch away innocent civilians and you can save the earth from total annihilation. Warp, thrust and blast through the skies for as long as your ship will hold up.

Defender (Cocktail Version)

One of the most successful games from the golden age of gaming. Defender was unique at the time because the game play allowed you to go beyond the edge of the screen. They had essentially managed to squeeze in three screens worth of play on a single monitor. Considered one of the hardest arcade games to master, it featured more buttons than the other classics that were made during the same era. In the game, you must take to the skies to defender the earth from an alien invasion. Lock onto the enemy aircraft before they snatch away innocent civilians and you can save the earth from total annihilation. Warp, thrust and blast through the skies for as long as your ship will hold up.

Dig Dug

One of the biggest hits from the 80's. In the game you must tunnel underground destroying fire breathing monsters and Pookas by laying traps for them, using your handy pump or simply staying alive long enough to frighten them off. Earn points by digging as much as you can. Earn even more points by squashing your foes with rocks. Bright, colorful and simple in design, yet still quite entertaining. Perfect for gardening fans who don't like getting dirt under their fingernails.

Dig Dug (Cabaret Version)

The perfect game for those with a green thumb. Tend to your garden by blowing up the pests underground in this classic from the early 80s. You can squash enemies with rocks or use your pump to fill them with air until they POP!

Donkey Kong

One of the most popular arcade games ever. Originally titled Jumpman and one of the first Nintendo games to feature Mario. Rumor has it that the game was supposed to have been named Monkey Kong, but due to an illegible fax, they changed the name to Donkey Kong and kept it. In the game, you must rescue a damsel in distress from an angry barrel throwing gorilla.

Donkey Kong (Cocktail Version)

A game so famous that it needs no introduction. It's one of our most popular titles.

Donkey Kong Jr.

In the original Donkey Kong, the funny looking Ape was the villain, but in DK Jr. Nintendo pulled a twist and made Mario the bad guy. In this version of the game, it's up to Donkey Kong's son to save him from a life trapped in a zoo. Climb over vines, dodge all kinds of pesky critters and of course jump your way to freedom

Double Dragon

Martial Artists Billy Lee and his twin brother Jimmy (AKA Spike and Hammer) must save the lovely Marian whose been kidnapped by thugs from the ghetto. This beat em' allows you to disarm an enemy and then use their own weapon against them. It also has a very dark twist if you can beat the game in 2 player mode. At the end of the game, Spike and Hammer must battle to the death for Marian's affection. Considered the unofficial sequel to the hit game Renegade, Double Dragon would go on to inspire 3 sequels and several spinoffs.

ESWAT Cyber Police

Long before Grand Theft Auto, Liberty City had a problem with crime. Help Duke Oda, a special agent of the ESWAT cyber squad, rid lthe city of crime, hooligans and other bad guys. With over 15 stages to the game and a ton of bosses to blow away, this one should keep you occupied for a long time.

Extreme Hunting

Your friends laugh now, but they'll be singing a different tune when society breaks down and they don't know how to hunt for food. Practice your shotgun, riffle or even compound bow skills from the comfort of your home or office. Extreme hunting allows two players to hunt side by side and supports up to four players in each round. A ton of fun without the mosquitoes.

F-1 Super Battle

Ever wonder what it must feel like to be a formula one racer? Get ready for a white knuckled ride through some of the toughest courses in the world. Unlike some of the earlier racing games, these cars won't blow up the minute you swap paint with an opponent. You must drive aggressively if you want to win. The steering wheel is wired with force feedback, so you feel it in your arms when you do collide. There's lots of shifting into high and low gear on this one to navigate the course. It will take laser dedication to master each course.


Considered one of the crown jewels of the golden age of gaming, Frogger has stood the test of time. In the game you must control a lonely frog who needs to get to his lily pad across the road. Watch out for oncoming cars and semi-trucks as well as crocodiles that are looking for a meal. Don't take too long getting home or else you'll run out of time and lose your life. One of the most popular arcade games of all times, it was even featured in an episode of Seinfeld.


Frontline is a run and gun themed game where you control the player with one hand and use a spinner to fire and a button to throw hand grenades. It was one of the first arcade games to incorporate the use of hand grenades and would go on to inspire other combat themed rotary joystick style games like Heavy Barrel and Ikari Warriors. In the game you must storm an enemy camp while facing an onslaught of enemies. If you get far enough, you can hijack a tank and boost your firepower.


One of the most popular space games of all time. You must control a fighter ship as wave after wave of alien invaders attack you in outer space. If you can handle the turbulence from the magnetic beam, you can double up your ships for twice the fire power.


Magic, monsters and ghosts await you in this this fantasy themed dungeon thriller. Atari sold less than 8000 copies of this game but it's considered a quarter sucking classic by anyone who grew up in the 80s. You can choose from four different characters to play as. The Elf is the fastest, the warrior the most powerful. Match you skills to your character's strengths for best results. Play alone or with three other friends alongside you.

Gauntlet Legends

The 2nd game in the Gauntlet series. Battle your way through four kingdoms to collect a series of Runestone that hold incredible power. With four characters available to play, you can choose to be a Warrior, Wizard, Archer or Valkyrie. Level up your character to make them even more powerful during the game. With the unique ability to choose a username and password, you can continue where you left off and can progress through the entire game. Collect Amulets, Shields, Potions and other power ups to make your way through the dark underworld. An incredible sequel in an amazing series of games. Fans of the original Gauntlet game will love this one.

Golden Tee '99

Enjoy a round of golf without breaking a sweat with one of the all time classic golf games. There are 3 different courses to choose from. You can change your stance and use the trackball to add a little bit of curve to your slice. Make sure to pay attention to the weather conditions for maximum impact.

Golden Tee Fore 2005

One of the most popular golf games of all time. Now you don't have to leave the office, in order to play the back 9. You can play alone or up to 4 players can compete at the same time. In order to swing your club, you spin a trackball. Spin it in funny directions and you can hit pinpoint shots or big fat bananas depending upon how much practice you can get in.


Join the Galactic Orbiting Robot Force and help save the galaxy. One of the first games to use synthesized speech. You must battle your way through wave after wave of aliens in order to be promoted past Space Cadet status. The game is part Space Invaders, part Galaga and 100% addictive.

Heavy Barrel

Terrorists have taken over a nuclear facility and only you can save the world from certain destruction. An overhead run and gun game that features rotary joysticks to give the controls a very unique feel to them. Collect pieces of the heavy barrel gun along the way to power up to an awesome weapon.

In The Hunt

In the Hunt was the very last shoot em' up game that Irem made. In the game, you must pilot submarines through six layers of pure button mashing. Fire away at enemies from above and below, all while trying to dodge incoming torpedoes. In the game, you must save humanity from an evil organization know as the Dark Anarchy Society (D.A.S.) D.A.S. has used a magnetic doomsday device, in order to melt the polar ice caps. Those who survived this extreme form of global warming created a rebellion force to take back control of the world.

Joust (Cocktail)

Considered one of the all time classics, Joust was a throwback to the ancient sport of gladiators. In the game, you must control a flying bird and unseat other opponents in a fiery arena. The game allows you to play cooperatively with another player to see how far you can get or competitively where you try to end up the last one standing. Using only a two directional joystick and a single button to play the game, it's easy to play, but impossible to master.

Killer Instinct 2

Battle it out against the computer or against another human opponent in this cult classic fighter from the mid 90's. Critically acclaimed for it's characters and animation, this game is still heavily sought out by collectors today. Utilizing quick, medium and fierce attacks you must destroy your opponent before they get a chance to fight back. Instead of resetting after each round, when you die, your opponent must continue to fight with their current health if they don't want to also lose a life. Block, parry or counter attack with special moves to dominate this one.

Lethal Enforcers

Lethal Enforcers was one of the most popular shooters during the 1990's. At time it generated a great deal of controversial because of the photo-realistic graphics that we're used in the game. The goal is to clear each level of bad guys without hurting innocent hostages in the process. You can start by taking on bank robbers or cut straight to the car chase.

Lunar Lander

Relive the thrill of the space race as you pilot a small capsule to the surface of the moon. You can spin your ship and you can fire your rockets, but you have to conserve fuel and position yourself in zero gravity over a rough and jagged terrain. Featuring four different levels ranging from training missions to command missions, you can work your way up as you gain expertise from piloting your own lunar lander.

Magic Sword : Heroic Fantasy

This side scrolling fantasy thriller is tough to master, but a lot of fun to play. In the game you can choose what type of character you want to play. Do you live by the sword slaying dragons at close range? Use brawn to destroy enemies in a single blow or do you play with magic to save the kingdom from being over run. With game play that reminds me of Ghosts n' Goblins, this one has plenty of adventure and a lot of opportunities to save the day.

Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brother's may have been more famous, but the original Mario Brothers is even more fun. You can play as Mario or Luigi. The goal is to clear each level of turtles, Sidesteppers, and Fighter Fly's by knocking them over and then kicking them off. One of the neat things about Mario Brothers is that two players can either play collaboratively or competitively at the same time.


Released during the golden age of gaming, Millipede continues to be one of the most popular arcade games. You must fire through a dangerous mushroom field in order to clear it of pesky insects. The game is very similar to Centipede, but features different enemies in it.

Missile Command

Created during the height of the cold war, Missile Command has a special place in history. In the game, you must fend off nuclear attack by using your ICBMs to destroy warheads before they hit your cities. Utilizing a track ball and 3 buttons, the game gets fast and furious as you make it further and further in. Intense and loads of fun!

Missile Command

Created during the height of the cold war, Missile Command has a special place in history. In the game, you must fend off nuclear attack by using your ICBMs to destroy warheads before they hit your cities. Utilizing a track ball and 3 buttons, the game gets fast and furious as you make it further and further in. Intense and loads of fun!

Mortal Kombat

One of the best selling fighter games of all times. The violence was incredibly controversial when it was released, but is tame by modern standards. Fight your way through Earthrhelm on all seven stages or take on human opponents in a contest of speed, timing and skill.

Mortal Kombat 2

After his crushing defeat in Mortal Kombat 1, the evil Shang Tsung must battle to the death in the Outworld, in order to save his own life. Play as the hero Liu Kang and save the world from his evil grasp or take on the role of another character for different storylines. In each battle, you must win 2 out of the 3 rounds to advance. The fighting style is very similar to the first version, but in MK2 they introduce multiple fatalities, as well as the ability to throw crouching punches and wicked turnaround kicks. In addition to many returning characters, you'll also find five new fighters to try to master.

Motorace USA

Fans of the Vs. Excitebike game will feel right at home with Motorace. In the game, you must make a mad dash across the country pickup up fuel and avoiding other bikers along the way. Every level includes two different perspectives. An overhead view and a first person view that gives you a different vantage point for the action. If you make it all the way to New York, you get to see the Statue of Liberty and hear the Star Spangled Banner play. A great option for motorcycle fans of any age!

Mr Do's Castle

The sequel to the original Mr. Do. In this version you must climb up and down a castle knocking out cherry blocks, while watching out for monsters. If you unlock the castle door, you can squash the monsters and collects flags for an extra life. The game is very simple in concept, but highly addictive.

Ms Pacman (Cocktail Version)

The game play may be near identical to the original Pacman, but Ms. Pacman would prove to be the more popular with consumers. Duck, dodge and weave your way through maze after maze after maze gobbling up power pellets and ghosts along the way.

Ms. Pacman (Fast Chip)

Probably the best selling arcade game of all time. You could find the game everywhere back in the day. Modded with a fast chip to make the game more exciting, this classic love story is fun to replay over and over again.


When Williams first released NARC, they literally brought out the heavy guns. Created by the legendary programmer, Eugene Jarvis and with a soundtrack scored by none other than the Pixies, the game was light years ahead of the competition. It was the first to use 32 bit processing power and incorporated a medium resolution monitor that provided an incredible amount of detail for games of it's era. Immediately, the game became a lightning rod for controversy. In the game, you must kill or arrest drug addicts and drug dealers. Using guns, cars or rocket launchers, you're encouraged to use an incredible show of force. The game is ultra violent and goes over the top whenever it can. The rereleased version in 2005 was ultimately banned by Australia and led to calls in the US for video games to be censored. While there would be more violent games that followed in it's wake, even by today's standards, it still gives Grand Theft Auto a run for it's money.

Nastar Warriors

Released as Rastan 2 in Europe and titled as Nastar Warriors in North America, this game was the official sequel to the 1987 hack and slash game, Rastan. In the game you must take control a fierce barbarian as he fights his way through level after level of skeletons, wizards and giant oversized snakes. Along the way, you can collect power ups and energy to help make your way through the game. At the end of each level, you'll need to take on a boss in order to continue advancing in the game. Released exclusively in kit format, there are only 15 known copies of the game registered with the Vintage Arcade Preservation Society. While not necessarily a collectible, it is considered a rare game and one that slash and hack fans should demo, if you ever get the chance to play the game.

NBA Jam Tournament Edition

Basketball fans eat your heart out. This 1 - 4 player game offers all the thrills of a basketball game minus those pesky fouls. Control your favorite team or players and catch fire as you school your colleagues.

Neo Geo: Samurai Shodown 2 - Metal Slug 2 - Bust a Move - Strikers 1945

We've packed this 4 slot Neo Geo with a great mix of games. Whether you want a fighter, a shooter, a puzzle game or a fun platform run and gun, there is something for everyone.

Neo-Geo : Bust A Move and Aero Fighters 2

Rent 2 games for the price of 1. This 2 slot Neo-Geo comes fully loaded with Bust a Move and Aero Fighters 2 in it. Bust a Move is a classic puzzle game where you must pop bubbles by grouping them into like colors. Aero Fighters 2 is a vertical scrolling shooter that creates a modern day airplane simulation similar to games like 1943. It allows you to fly solo or co-operatively with a friend.

Neo-Geo: Metal Slug 3 and Bust A Move

We've loaded this 2 slot Neo-Geo with Bust-A-Move and Metal Slug 3. Bust-A-Move (aka Puzzle Bobble) is a great puzzle game where you try to clear each stage by matching up identical bubbles until they burst. Metal Slug 3 is an over the top animation style game that incorporates the best features of your traditional side scrolling action adventure game with the vertical airplane games. The game features everything from zombies to robots to expansive underwater submarine levels.

Omega Fighter

Set in the far and distance future on a hostile alien mothership, this space shooter will challenge the most daring of adventurers. Collect power ups to super charge your weapons. You can play alone or a partner can join you to help clear each level. The game play is similar to Zaxxon and 1943

Operation Wolf

Get ready to rumble in the jungle in this exciting first person shooter. Operation Wolf was so popular, it spawned not only one, but two sequels! In the game, you must infiltrate hostile enemy territory and rescue five hostages that are being held behind enemy lines. Collect extra magazine clips and grenades along the way to help you take on wave after wave of enemy fighters. The game uses force feedback in the gun, so you actually feel it when you fire,

Pacman (Cocktail Version)

A game so popular that it needs no introduction. Pacman is practically synonymous with arcades. It would go on to inspire over 30 sequels and spinoffs. Clear each level of pellets without getting eaten by the ghosts. Time your power pills right to maximize your score and advance through each maze.

Pole Position 2

Prepare to qualify. This classic racing game is the sequel to the original smash hit Pole Position. In the game, they add 3 extra tracks that aren't available in the original. They also added enhanced graphics when you crash so that it's a bit more exciting. While trying to hit the top speed is your goal, using the shifter at the right moment will be key in avoiding other racers and obstacles on the course. A great racing game for anyone who loves to drive.


The lovely Olive Oly needs help and it's up to Popeye to save her. Make sure to eat your spinach or else you'll need to be adept at dodging and weaving from the seahags and your arch nemesis Brutus. Fun, challenging and entertaining.

Popeye (Cocktail Version)

Help save Olive Oil from mean old Brutus. Collect her hearts, notes from her singing and letters from her cries for help, in order to advance through each level. Use Wimpy to rocket your way to the top of a level or spinach for super strength, but watch out for the Sea Hags, they like to try to knock you out by throwing bottles. Based on the popular Popeye cartoon that was originally made in the 1930's. A classic love story that never seems to end.

Primal Rage

Unleash your inner dinosaur in this prehistoric fighting game. Ever wonder who would win in a battle between a tyrannosaurus rex and a stegosaurus? Now you can find out. Travel deep into the jungle as you battle it out for the top of the food chain in this post apocalyptic thriller.

Punch Out!!

A game so awesome that Nintendo used TWO exclamation marks when they named it. Take on characters like Glass Joe, Bald Bull and of course Mr. Sandman in this boxing game from the early 80s. You must dodge, weave and strike when the opportunity strikes if you want to advance to the next round. Put together enough combos and you can score a devastating blow by using the knock out button. The game uses two monitors to capture all of the action. One that will display your stats and another where the action is at.

Puzzle Bobble (Bust A Move)

Puzzle Bobble was originally released in Japan by Taito in 1994, but by the time it arrived in the United States, they had changed the name to Bust A Move. The goal of the game is quite simple, you must burst colored bubbles by shooting similarly colored bubbles at the ones on the screen. The faster you clear each level the higher the bonus score gets. As you advance through each level it gets increasingly harder requiring trick shots and quicker decisions. Like many of the puzzle games, this one is extremely addictive and will keep you coming back again and again and again.

Qbert (Cocktail Version)

One of the earliest games to try and incorporate speech into the game play. You control lowly qbert and must jump up and down a pyramid changing the color of each square on every bounce. Watch out for snakes and other pests that will try to capture you and make sure to watch your step or else you'll plunge to your death.

Ramtek Soccer

One of the oldest games that we own. Legend has it that Ramtek, an aerospace contractor for the US, was looking to expand their product line when a couple of engineers happened to visit a bar in the Silicon Valley that was secretly testing a little game called Pong. For the next several months, the engineers would spend their days huddled in the back trying to reverse engineer the game before Atari could launch. While Ramtek didn't beat Atari to the launch, they were able to create a game very similar to Pong called Volley. Ramtek Soccer was released shortly after and is the very first soccer arcade game ever made. It also has the distinction of being the first 4 player arcade game ever made. The goooooaaallll of the game is quite simple. You must control your players to bounce the soccer ball back and forth until you can score. It's very challenging, but also a lot of fun. Because it was built pre CPU, you need at least 2 - 4 players to play.

Relief Pitcher

Batters up baseball fans. This baseball game from the 90s allows you to play offense or defense to hone your baseball skills. After appearing in 6 relief appearances, it unlocks a hidden All Star mode where you can join other star players in the ultimate challenge. Featuring play by play announcements (including color commentary), this game is packed with enough features to keep you entertained throughout the entire season. While it doesn't feature any MLB licensed teams, it does allow you to represent your favorite cities and even customize the types of pitches you want to throw.

Road Riot 4WD

A fantastic racing game for those who like to get down and dirty in the mud. Road riot takes all of the great parts of an off road racing game and adds weapons to the front of your vehicle to make the game even more exciting. Who knew dune buggies could get this much fun? Watch out though, your opponents are heavily armed and aren't afraid to use their cannons in order to take the lead.


With over 50 races to compete in, Roadblasters offers new challenges around every curve. If you don't drive carefully you'll total your vehicle and start leaking fuel. Avoid Orange Stingers, Rat Jeeps and Toxic Spills that seemingly appear out of nowhere. Along the way you can collect special weapons that allow you to take an opponent out of commission if you've got good aim.


Take control over an intergalactic fighter jet as you bomb and laser your way through hostile alien territory. There are six different levels that you must fight through before beginning an all out assault on the main base. Scramble would go on to inspire a hit sequel named Super Cobra.

SF Rush The Rock: Alcatraz Edition

Take to the streets of San Francisco in this iconic sit down racer. SF Rush the Rock is a lean and mean racer designed to push you to your limits. The steering wheel gives force feedback, so watch out for walls or else you'll feel it. Try to beat your best time for each lap or you can challenge a competitor and race head to head. Because we only rent this one out as a pair, it counts as a 2 at a time rental.


4 players can compete at once or you can take on the Pro Challenge on your own. The game includes 4 different shuffleboard games where the goal is to heave a puck hard enough to score, but not so hard that it falls off. Try knocking your opponent's pucks off of the board or strategically place your own to play defense. It's a fun trackball game that is high in replayability and was a hit in the bars. Choose between have a fully waxed floor, medium wax or no wax to accommodate the strength of your rolls.


Get ready for the fight of your life with this classic side scrolling action packed guerrilla warfare title. Take to the skies with your helicopter and use your superior air power to wipe out your enemy or better yet take advantage of the jeep and you can mount your assault via ground. This game is fun because two players can cooperate and with the combination of helicopter and jeep, you can go much further in the game. Collect shields as you advance through each level, in order to unlock power ups.

Sly Spy

The perfect game for those with a 007 fantasy. Terrorists have made cunning use of jetpack technology in order to kidnap the president. You must use all of your skills as a super spy, in order to save the world from the council of world domination. Fly through the air, swim through the seas, just don't let the beautiful women distract you or else you may risk nuclear annihilation. Keep your eyes open for weapon pieces along the way, collect all 6 and you'll get massive firepower to blow your opponents away.

Space Invaders

An all time classic! Space Invaders is two-dimensional shooter where you fire laser beams at an invader alien force. You must take out 5 rows of aliens on each level or else your bases will crumble. The more aliens you kill, the faster things get. It is considered the first arcade game to achieve mainstream success.

Speed Rumbler

This is one of the more unique racing games that they made. Terrorists have taken over a city and you have to Mad Max your way through. As you race for cover, you can get in and out of your vehicle to engage in hand to hand combat. Lots of bonuses along the way and a fun storyline to go along with it. Definitely, recommended if you want to play a mash up of spy hunter meets contra.

Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, an evil empire sought to crush all of humanity. Use the force and take control over your own X-wing fighter in a bold attempt to destroy the dreaded Death Star. Considered on of the most collectible arcade games of all time

Star Wars Pod Racer

One of the top selling Sci-Fi racers of all time. Star Wars Pod Racer is based on the pod racing tournament from Star Wars 1 Phantom Menace. You must take on other galactic challengers in an intense competition of speed and control. The controls on the game are replicas of the same controls found in the movie. In order to steer, you must pull and push on a pair of levers that control your jet engines. Pull back to far and you go careening out of control. Too little and you'll be smashing into the dirt. The game is linkable, so that you and another player can take each other on in the same race. Because we want to keep the games together, this title is only rented as a pair and counts as a 2 at a time rental.

Stargate Defender

This sequel to Eugene Jarvis' smash hit picks up exactly where Defender left off. With all new enemy ships to battle with, it's every bit as entertaining as the original. Take on Firebombers, enemy Yllabian fleets and Space Hums as you try to rescue humanity from an alien invasion. This sequel is even more challenging then the original and adds an Invisibility button that allows you to cloak your ship when you get into trouble. The game starts with ten humanoids that need protecting. Don't let the aliens get them or they come back as mutants.

Street Fighter 2 (World Warrior Version)

One of the most popular fighting games of all time. It was almost single handily responsible for the fighting games boom of the 1990s. With 6 different buttons and a number of different characters, it allows for a lot of unique fighting combinations. Time it right and you can embarrass your opponent, make your move a second early or late and you're dog meat. Warning this game has a tendency to bring out the competitor in you.

Sunset Riders

Take a trip back to the wild west in this thrilling run and gun side scrolling shoot em' up game. It supports 4 players simultaneously, so grab your friends because this game is more fun when you've got a posse to ride with you. The game is based on four bounty hunters who must tame the unruly frontier. Each character has their own unique weapon, there are a ton of power ups that you can find along the way and each level has a unique boss for you to beat.

Super Off Road

Join Ivan the Ironman Stewart in a nitro fueled adrenaline rush for upgrades, prizes and cold hard cash. Take the legend head on or you can race as the Ironman himself, as you try to navigate muddy tracks filled with lots of jumps, speed boosts and sharp curves. The game supports 3 racers at the same time. Jump in for a quick game or you can build up your stats on your vehicle, by finishing each race ahead of the pack. Be prepared for the thrill of your life. Coming in at over 7' tall and 4' wide this one takes up more space than most games.

Super Off Road

Join Ivan the Ironman Stewart in a nitro fueled adrenaline rush for upgrades, prizes and cold hard cash. Take the legend head on or you can race as the Ironman himself, as you try to navigate muddy tracks filled with lots of jumps, speed boosts and sharp curves. The game supports 3 racers at the same time. Jump in for a quick game or you can build up your stats on your vehicle, by finishing each race ahead of the pack. Be prepared for the thrill of your life. Coming in at over 7' tall and 4' wide this one takes up more space than most games.

Super Sprint

Super Sprint is a three player racing game that features an overhead view of the track. You must race around the track avoiding obstacles like tornadoes and oil slicks along the way. There are 8 different courses in the game, but you must make it to level 85 if you want to play the bonus Super Speedway. After each race you have the option of trading wrenches that you collect on the track for improved performance. Officially, the game is the sequel to Gran Trak 10 and the Sprint series that was released in the 70s, but the graphics are so much better that it feels like a very different game.


Take control over the man of steel in a bid to save Metropolis from the evil emperor Zaas. Fight your way through five different levels using all of your super powers. Fly through the skies while melting enemies with laser your vision. Grab anything you can get your hands on so that you can use your super strength to hurl it at your rivals. Just watch out for kyrptonight or else you may end up in trouble.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It may have been made after the golden age of gaming, but TMNT will always be one of the classics. In the game, you get to take control over Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello to save April from the evil Shredder. Each character has a unique weapon and set of moves. Watch out for the booby traps embedded throughout the game. This one was designed to use a lot of quarters. You'll be hitting the free play button quite a bit if you want to make it to the end of this one.

Tekken 3

Tekken 3 is the third iteration for this iconic fighting game. This iteration of the game, keeps all of the unique features from earlier editions, but offers improved graphics and more characters. This version of the game was the first to introduce a third axis, allowing you to dodge the most brutal attacks from your opponents. Play against the computer or take on a human challenger with the 2 player simultaneous mode.

Tekken 4

Get ready to fight to the death in a large variety of modern day fighting arenas. Tekken 4 has all of the features that you've grown to love in your favorite fighters and then it goes and adds a whole other dimension. By creating a 3D field for you to navigate, it allows for even more ways to dodge and attack your opponents.


Known for it's frenetic pace and the lightning fast reflexes you need to play the game, Tempest was a cult hit almost the minute that you launch. In the game, you must pilot a ship around the outside of a playfield. In the middle of the screen, enemies start to come out at you and you must use a spinner in order to fire on them without getting blown up. The game makes use of a color vector monitor that allowed for some pretty interesting designs. Each level will add more enemies and will get faster and faster until you simply can't handle the pressure.

Ten Yard Fight

Run, pass and tackle your way through one of the earlier football titles. The game features a top down vantage point where you can use your team to advance the ball. Fans of the option play will do very well at this game.

Ten Yard Fight

Run, pass and tackle your way through one of the earlier football titles. The game features a top down vantage point where you can use your team to advance the ball. Fans of the option play will do very well at this game.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Most games that are based on motion films aren't very good, but T2 may be the exception to the rule. With two machine guns and multiple rocket launchers, you can blast your way through the game on 1 player mode or 2 or you can take advantage of our free play button and go double fisted with two heavy duty uzi's at your control. In the game you must fight off an army or robots intent on destroying you. Use guns, rockets or even nuclear bombs to clear the battlefield of your opponent.


A game that is so addictive that it has it's own psychological phenomenon named after it. In this puzzle game, you must manipulate odd shape pieces into different positions, in an effort to clear each level. If you play the game long enough, you'll start seeing it in your dreams.

The Simpsons

One of the most popular TV shows of all time got their own video game in 1991. Take control over Marge, Lisa, Bart or Homer in this 4 player beat em' up game. You can either play co-op mode where players can work together to pull off special combos or you can play last man standing and try and score as many points on your own. Watch out for Burns and his henchmen though, he's not afraid to unleash the hounds to deal with the riff raff.

Time Soldiers

Take a trip through time in this futuristic action thriller. The game can be played alone or another player can join you as you travel through ancient Rome, prehistoric times and a future world all in an attempt to rescue your captured comrades. The game features a rotary joystick that adds an additional dimension to the game play.


The Evil Bashtar has kidnapped the always lovely Mihu. To make matters worse, he's turned our hero Toki into a giant clusmy ape, in an attempt to thwart his efforts to save her. You must take control over Toki and use giant spit balls, healthy fruit and even football helmets, in order to run and gun your way through this platform game. Undeniably wacky and yet there's something remarkably entertaining about it's game play. Considered a cult classic by fans of the Tad Corporation, it's unlike any other game that you've played.


Based on Walt Disney's feature film of the same name, Tron is really 4 different games built into one. This allowed players to select which level they wanted to start with. Whether you choose to zoom along on a light cycle, tempt the time space continuum by smashing into a particle accelerator, do battle in tank mode or clearing away grid bugs with your light disc, you'll find each level get increasingly harder. If you can beat all four sub-games 12 times, you can actually complete the game and emerge from the electronic prison that Tron really is.

Tron (Cocktail)

Based on Walt Disney's classic movie Tron, this game is considered one of the classics. Choose from 4 different sub games, in order to advance your way through the game.

Trophy Hunting Bear and Moose

For those bloodthirsty hunters who can't quite make it outdoors, this is a great alternative. Practice lying in wait for the largest bears, mooses and the occasional buck without the risk of being gored to death. It has a fantastic competitive shooting mode that allows you to demonstrate your skills against the other novice hunters in your office. No hunting permit needed to play the game.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Considered one of the best games in the series, UMK3 introduced Scorpion and Kitana into the mix. It also added a tournament feature that allows you to take on the entire office.

Unique 2 - King of Fighters 10th Anniversary Edition

Over the last 20 years the King of Fighters have established themselves as a cult favorite among fans of the fighting genre. The first version of the game was released in 1994. This version of the game was released 10 years later and would be the very last to show up on the Neo Geo MVS. In the game, you get to choose 3 different fighters that you can tag in throughout your fight. Use your selections carefully, so that you can take advantage of your opponents weaknesses before they can swap in a fighter that can exploit yours.

Vs. Goonies

Based on the hit film from the mid 80s, Vs. Goonies allows you to relive the movie through a video game. The theme song in the game is an 8bit version of Cyndi Lauper's The Goonies R Good Enough. In the game, you must fight off killer rodents and neighborhood bullies, as you explore caverns, restaurants and even pirate ships.

Vs. Super Mario Brothers

After seeing huge success with Mario Brothers, Nintendo came out with a super version of the game for their Vs. Unisystem. Crawl through the sewers collecting coins, squashing goombas and most importantly saving the princess!

Warp Warp

Rockola was founded long before arcade games had even been invented. Producing everything from parking meters to the jukeboxes that they became famous for, the company had a brief love affair with video games during the 1980s. It's considered highly collectible among Rockola collectors, but has never been a very good earner for coin-operators. The game is a bit like Bezerk in that you must navigate a maze while shooting creatures that come after you. During certain parts of the game, you can warp into other levels where you trade your laser guns for bombs that you use to trap your opponents.

Wheel of Fortune

Play America's favorite game show in the comfort of your home or office. Instead of yelling at your TV, you can try your luck first hand. Compete with other players to solve the puzzles or try your hand alone. The game uses an actual wheel that you get to spin for each turn!


Survive brutal attacks from Magneto and his minions in this classic beat em' up from the 90's. Whether you choose to shred your way through each level with Wolverine or blow your way through with Storm, you'll enjoy advancing through each lair as you try to save the mutants.

Xmen Call Of The Atom

Xmen: Call of the Atom is based on the hit comic book series The Xmen. In the game you can choose the side of good and use characters like Storm, Ice Man and Cyclops to fight your way to the main bosses or you can choose evil and use villains like Omega Red, Spiral and The Sentinel to achieve your victories. Each hero and villain has their own unique super powers to master!