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Warp Warp

Rockola was founded long before arcade games had even been invented. Producing everything from parking meters to the jukeboxes that they became famous for, the company had a brief love affair with video games during the 1980s. It's considered highly collectible among Rockola collectors, but has never been a very good earner for coin-operators. The game is a bit like Bezerk in that you must navigate a maze while shooting creatures that come after you. During certain parts of the game, you can warp into other levels where you trade your laser guns for bombs that you use to trap your opponents.

Wheel of Fortune

Play America's favorite game show in the comfort of your home or office. Instead of yelling at your TV, you can try your luck first hand. Compete with other players to solve the puzzles or try your hand alone. The game uses an actual wheel that you get to spin for each turn!