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Take control over an intergalactic fighter jet as you bomb and laser your way through hostile alien territory. There are six different levels that you must fight through before beginning an all out assault on the main base. Scramble would go on to inspire a hit sequel named Super Cobra.

SF Rush The Rock: Alcatraz Edition

Take to the streets of San Francisco in this iconic sit down racer. SF Rush the Rock is a lean and mean racer designed to push you to your limits. The steering wheel gives force feedback, so watch out for walls or else you'll feel it. Try to beat your best time for each lap or you can challenge a competitor and race head to head. Because we only rent this one out as a pair, it counts as a 2 at a time rental.


4 players can compete at once or you can take on the Pro Challenge on your own. The game includes 4 different shuffleboard games where the goal is to heave a puck hard enough to score, but not so hard that it falls off. Try knocking your opponent's pucks off of the board or strategically place your own to play defense. It's a fun trackball game that is high in replayability and was a hit in the bars. Choose between have a fully waxed floor, medium wax or no wax to accommodate the strength of your rolls.


Get ready for the fight of your life with this classic side scrolling action packed guerrilla warfare title. Take to the skies with your helicopter and use your superior air power to wipe out your enemy or better yet take advantage of the jeep and you can mount your assault via ground. This game is fun because two players can cooperate and with the combination of helicopter and jeep, you can go much further in the game. Collect shields as you advance through each level, in order to unlock power ups.

Sly Spy

The perfect game for those with a 007 fantasy. Terrorists have made cunning use of jetpack technology in order to kidnap the president. You must use all of your skills as a super spy, in order to save the world from the council of world domination. Fly through the air, swim through the seas, just don't let the beautiful women distract you or else you may risk nuclear annihilation. Keep your eyes open for weapon pieces along the way, collect all 6 and you'll get massive firepower to blow your opponents away.

Space Invaders

An all time classic! Space Invaders is two-dimensional shooter where you fire laser beams at an invader alien force. You must take out 5 rows of aliens on each level or else your bases will crumble. The more aliens you kill, the faster things get. It is considered the first arcade game to achieve mainstream success.

Speed Rumbler

This is one of the more unique racing games that they made. Terrorists have taken over a city and you have to Mad Max your way through. As you race for cover, you can get in and out of your vehicle to engage in hand to hand combat. Lots of bonuses along the way and a fun storyline to go along with it. Definitely, recommended if you want to play a mash up of spy hunter meets contra.

Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, an evil empire sought to crush all of humanity. Use the force and take control over your own X-wing fighter in a bold attempt to destroy the dreaded Death Star. Considered on of the most collectible arcade games of all time

Star Wars Pod Racer

One of the top selling Sci-Fi racers of all time. Star Wars Pod Racer is based on the pod racing tournament from Star Wars 1 Phantom Menace. You must take on other galactic challengers in an intense competition of speed and control. The controls on the game are replicas of the same controls found in the movie. In order to steer, you must pull and push on a pair of levers that control your jet engines. Pull back to far and you go careening out of control. Too little and you'll be smashing into the dirt. The game is linkable, so that you and another player can take each other on in the same race. Because we want to keep the games together, this title is only rented as a pair and counts as a 2 at a time rental.

Stargate Defender

This sequel to Eugene Jarvis' smash hit picks up exactly where Defender left off. With all new enemy ships to battle with, it's every bit as entertaining as the original. Take on Firebombers, enemy Yllabian fleets and Space Hums as you try to rescue humanity from an alien invasion. This sequel is even more challenging then the original and adds an Invisibility button that allows you to cloak your ship when you get into trouble. The game starts with ten humanoids that need protecting. Don't let the aliens get them or they come back as mutants.