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Ramtek Soccer

One of the oldest games that we own. Legend has it that Ramtek, an aerospace contractor for the US, was looking to expand their product line when a couple of engineers happened to visit a bar in the Silicon Valley that was secretly testing a little game called Pong. For the next several months, the engineers would spend their days huddled in the back trying to reverse engineer the game before Atari could launch. While Ramtek didn't beat Atari to the launch, they were able to create a game very similar to Pong called Volley. Ramtek Soccer was released shortly after and is the very first soccer arcade game ever made. It also has the distinction of being the first 4 player arcade game ever made. The goooooaaallll of the game is quite simple. You must control your players to bounce the soccer ball back and forth until you can score. It's very challenging, but also a lot of fun. Because it was built pre CPU, you need at least 2 - 4 players to play.

Relief Pitcher

Batters up baseball fans. This baseball game from the 90s allows you to play offense or defense to hone your baseball skills. After appearing in 6 relief appearances, it unlocks a hidden All Star mode where you can join other star players in the ultimate challenge. Featuring play by play announcements (including color commentary), this game is packed with enough features to keep you entertained throughout the entire season. While it doesn't feature any MLB licensed teams, it does allow you to represent your favorite cities and even customize the types of pitches you want to throw.

Road Riot 4WD

A fantastic racing game for those who like to get down and dirty in the mud. Road riot takes all of the great parts of an off road racing game and adds weapons to the front of your vehicle to make the game even more exciting. Who knew dune buggies could get this much fun? Watch out though, your opponents are heavily armed and aren't afraid to use their cannons in order to take the lead.


With over 50 races to compete in, Roadblasters offers new challenges around every curve. If you don't drive carefully you'll total your vehicle and start leaking fuel. Avoid Orange Stingers, Rat Jeeps and Toxic Spills that seemingly appear out of nowhere. Along the way you can collect special weapons that allow you to take an opponent out of commission if you've got good aim.