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Pacman (Cocktail Version)

A game so popular that it needs no introduction. Pacman is practically synonymous with arcades. It would go on to inspire over 30 sequels and spinoffs. Clear each level of pellets without getting eaten by the ghosts. Time your power pills right to maximize your score and advance through each maze.

Pole Position 2

Prepare to qualify. This classic racing game is the sequel to the original smash hit Pole Position. In the game, they add 3 extra tracks that aren't available in the original. They also added enhanced graphics when you crash so that it's a bit more exciting. While trying to hit the top speed is your goal, using the shifter at the right moment will be key in avoiding other racers and obstacles on the course. A great racing game for anyone who loves to drive.


The lovely Olive Oly needs help and it's up to Popeye to save her. Make sure to eat your spinach or else you'll need to be adept at dodging and weaving from the seahags and your arch nemesis Brutus. Fun, challenging and entertaining.

Popeye (Cocktail Version)

Help save Olive Oil from mean old Brutus. Collect her hearts, notes from her singing and letters from her cries for help, in order to advance through each level. Use Wimpy to rocket your way to the top of a level or spinach for super strength, but watch out for the Sea Hags, they like to try to knock you out by throwing bottles. Based on the popular Popeye cartoon that was originally made in the 1930's. A classic love story that never seems to end.

Primal Rage

Unleash your inner dinosaur in this prehistoric fighting game. Ever wonder who would win in a battle between a tyrannosaurus rex and a stegosaurus? Now you can find out. Travel deep into the jungle as you battle it out for the top of the food chain in this post apocalyptic thriller.

Punch Out!!

A game so awesome that Nintendo used TWO exclamation marks when they named it. Take on characters like Glass Joe, Bald Bull and of course Mr. Sandman in this boxing game from the early 80s. You must dodge, weave and strike when the opportunity strikes if you want to advance to the next round. Put together enough combos and you can score a devastating blow by using the knock out button. The game uses two monitors to capture all of the action. One that will display your stats and another where the action is at.

Puzzle Bobble (Bust A Move)

Puzzle Bobble was originally released in Japan by Taito in 1994, but by the time it arrived in the United States, they had changed the name to Bust A Move. The goal of the game is quite simple, you must burst colored bubbles by shooting similarly colored bubbles at the ones on the screen. The faster you clear each level the higher the bonus score gets. As you advance through each level it gets increasingly harder requiring trick shots and quicker decisions. Like many of the puzzle games, this one is extremely addictive and will keep you coming back again and again and again.