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Bad Dudes

President Ronnie has been kidnapped and it's up to you to save him. Take control over characters Blade or Striker and battle your way through stealthy ninjas, killer mob bosses and vicious guard dogs in this side scrolling beat em up thriller. If you beat the game, you get to have burgers with the president. Are you a bad enough dude to handle it?


Have you ever had the dream where you're being chased by indestructible robots and no matter how fast you run, they always seem to find you? Well welcome to your worst nightmare. In Berzerk, you must navigate your way through endless mazes while picking off robots with your laser gun. Throughout the game, you'll be chased by Evil Otto. He may seem slow at first, but as you eliminate his robot friends, he get more worked up than a Roomba modded to run on a golf cart battery. At the time, the game was notable for it's use of human speech. At $1,000 per word, Stern gave it a vocabulary of 30 words.

Big Buck Hunter: Shooter's Challenge

Time to get your redneck on. What's better than killing senseless animals with guns? Doing it while drinking beer. Enjoy the hunt for deer, turkeys and anything else that moves without having to worry about accidentally shooting yourself in the process.

Bloody Wolf

The President has been captured and it's up to Snake and Eagle to save him. Play alone or with a fellow commando as you fight, shoot and knife your way through this run and gun special forces thriller. Take on a series of bosses with each level ass you burrow further and further behind enemy lines. Rescue hostages along the way and make sure to collect special weapons that you can use to clear each level.

Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom

Considered the grandfather of the hit console game Star Fox, Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom is a 3 dimensional racer where you must dodge alien ships while using your laser guns to shoot your way through a dangerous obstacle course. Use your boosters to speed up or your reverse jets to brake, but you better time it right or else you'll be space dust.

Buggy Challenge

Race your way across the desert in your very own dune buggy. Shift from low to high gear as you gain speed, but watch out for rocks and other obstacles along the way. With enough skill you should be able to make it though all four races without running out of gas.